How to choose the weight of hollow plate fruit and vegetable packaging box

2020-04-23 16:36

Among many plates, the environmentally friendly and non-toxic hollow board material is a popular one. In addition to the logistics tote box that we are all very familiar with, it is made of hollow board materials. The materials and features of decoration ceilings are irreplaceable by other materials and can be recycled many times. Therefore, there are manufacturers of hollow panels and hollow panel supplies in many areas of China. Today, the editor of Yufeng told you about the function and weight of the hollow plate fruit and vegetable packaging box, and I hope to help you.
1. The fruit and vegetable industry is a very important field in China's food industry. After packaging all kinds of fruit and vegetable products, you need to use appropriate outer packaging to protect them before they can be safely transported to all parts of the country. Among them, the non-toxic and tasteless, moisture-proof, mildew-proof and corrosion-resistant hollow board material is the primary choice for fruit and vegetable packaging.

2. Friends who understand the materials of hollow board packaging boxes may know that it will have different gram weights during production. The higher the thickness and density, the heavier the gram weight, and we need to use it according to our own use. Choose the hollow board packaging that is most suitable for you, then the fruit and vegetable industry will generally use more than 0.5KG of material for its own service, depending on the characteristics of the product and the situation of the user.

The weight of the hollow board fruit and vegetable packaging box is introduced to everyone here. In any case, we have to buy the hollow board packaging box from a regular manufacturer, so that we can guarantee to buy high-quality products.

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